My annoying baby cousin that just follows me around constantly, all he wants to do is be my friend! He copies everything I do; if I drink water, he drinks water, if I go on an adventure, he’s right next to me, if I bark, he barks. Boy does he irritate me and should really get his own life.

Carla Hammond lives in Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband Rob and their three absolutely crazy but completely perfect dogs, Frankie, Summer and Rafferty. Before she started writing her new children’s book series Rafferty’s Big Adventures, Carla received her BSC in Speech Pathology at the University of Cape Town in 2005. To shake things up after five years of practicing as a Speech Therapist, Carla found her passion for education. She became a Nursery School Teacher, teaching 3-4-year olds for ten years. Carla now writes full time and is always on the look out for her next big adventure!