This is my family.

They’re a bit odd, a bit crazy and bit weird but they are mine and I love them!

Mom & Dad love to watch me on all my adventures, especially whilst I’m hunting in the garden.
My sisters Frankie and Summer think I’m mad but find me quite entertaining, whilst my cousin Leo likes to think he’s my sidekick (hahaha).
Uncle Shane and I have been best pals since mom brought me home from the shelter and Aunty Meghan makes for a good cuddle occasionally.
The newest member to the pack is Parker. She doesn’t do much and I don’t like it when she screams (it hurts my large ears!)



Hi Rafferty here, the star of the show. I’m seven years old and it was instant love when mom & dad brought me home. I’m a bit of a mommy’s boy (shhhhh don’t tell dad), I enjoy lazing in the sun, rolling in the grass and taking naps but my true passion is stalking creatures big and small around the garden.


Aka the Author, the one with all the treats!
My mom is a special lady who takes incredibly good care of me and my sisters, but I know I’m the apple of her eye.
She finds me sooooooooooooo entertaining that she wrote a whole book series about me, how cool is that?


I’m my dad’s whole world and can do nothing wrong in his eyes. We have gone on many adventures, but my real favourite is when we go hunting for lizards together in the garden.
My dad works far away in a cool country called Madagascar.


Aka the “Old Lady”, Frankie may be the smallest of us all, but boy can she snore! She sleeps 23 hours in a day and is only ever awake to eat and bark at the swimming pool creepy crawly. Cuddles are her number one priority and will steal one whenever she can from humans.


My middle sister is the gentle giant of the family who likes a few to many scooby snacks. We often snuggle up on one bed or should I say I sit on her; she makes a very comfy pillow. She is often described as a “Peaceful, loving dog who loves to eat”


My annoying baby cousin that just follows me around constantly, all he wants to do is be my friend! He copies everything I do; if I drink water, he drinks water, if I go on an adventure, he’s right next to me, if I bark, he barks. Boy does he irritate me and should really get his own life.

Aunty Megs

Wow she’s a talker! The two of us chat everyday about my many different adventures and its usually over a few biscuits. She is always amazed at how high I can jump, cause the last time I looked at her I was hanging over the wall trying to come over for a visit.

Uncle Shane

Aka my BFF, we are brothers from different mothers. Uncle Shane and I have a relationship like no other, we watch sports together, eat biscuits together, chase lizards together (He’s knows all the good hiding spots) and I’m always on guard when he goes swimming to protect him from the floaties.


She likes to touch me, especially my tail! I’m not sure about tiny humans as she doesn’t play, doesn’t give me scooby snacks and doesn’t talk to me either. Hopefully when she’s older we can have a few adventures together and perhaps a new book for mom to write?