Fun at Home

Come have some fun and join Rafferty in the playground, download free printable activity pages for you to enjoy at home.

Help me master the maze and find my bone or complete the dot to dots and discover the creature I love catching the most! Practice your Picasso skills with our colour fun and see your pictures come to life.


Catch the Lizard!

What creature is this?
Help Rafferty catch the lizard!

Raff Fell on his Bum!

Oh No! Raff has fallen down!
Add your colours to make him feel better.

What has Rafferty spotted?

Let’s find out what Rafferty has spotted?
Connect the dots, then colour it in!

Rafferty’s Favourite Things!

Can you help Rafferty through the maze
to find all his favourite things?

Find the Bone!

Rafferty is hungry!
Can you help him through the maze to find his bone?

Colour Fun in the Garden

Rafferty loves to watch all the insects in the garden.
What colour do you think they should be?

Colour Fun, Shouting in the Sun!

Rafferty is shouting for Summer and Frankie!
Colour him in so they can find him easily.

Colour Fun with Rafferty!

Rafferty thinks he is very handsome.
Can you add some colour to help him look even better?